Welcome to my blog! Here is where you’ll find all the information you could ever need about networking devices, their underlying technology, and new innovations in the technology field.

My name is Richard. I’ve dedicated my entire life to understanding technology and networking. My passion for electronics has led me to become a wireless engineer. I’m an expert in wireless communication and connection. I have an MBA in information technology management, as well as a bachelor’s degree in electronics and information engineering.

Not only am I passionate about networking, but I’m also interested in web technologies and digital marketing. That’s why I created this website. I hope to use my own expertise, along with the expertise of others, to give you helpful information about the industry. By day, I keep busy building networks. By night, I blog about networking to help everyone understand it the way I do.

Should you have questions, I’m available to contact.

So what kind of information will you find here?

I’ll give you information about the way networking devices work. You’ll learn about the science behind them, along with some information about their history and how they’ve evolved. I will post about new innovations in the networking field as well. Every year, more and more networking technology becomes available for public use. People are connecting more easily, streaming faster, downloading seamlessly, and networking more comprehensively than ever before.

I’ll help you understand more about devices by comparing different available devices. My product comparisons will be both educational and helpful. I’ll give you product recommendations and explain why I recommend each product.

There are a number of different things you’ll find in my product reviews.

First and foremost, you’ll find an accessible overview of the product’s features. Many people buying a router don’t know much about routers. When you look up the specifications on a manufacturer’s website, you get a list of seemingly meaningless numbers.

My goal is to make those numbers mean something. I’ll explain how each specification affects the product’s performance. I’ll tell you important information about what the product does, how it works, and how it compares to market competitors. I’ll recommend the best routers and networking devices to suit a wide variety of needs.

Different products are good for different people. The features to look for will vary depending on your needs. Because of this, I try to go beyond simple product recommendation. I also explain what you should look for, so you can make an informed purchasing decision.

This blog should help demystify some of the information about networking. Whether you have no working knowledge or are a technology expert, you should find useful information here.

It is important to me that other people be informed about networking. I’m happy to share the information I’ve gathered over the years. The internet makes so many things possible. In this day of digital information sharing, I’m giving you as much information as I possibly can.