Asus rt-ac68p vs rt-ac68u vs rt-ac68r

With the internet speeds becoming faster and the connections becoming more accessible and affordable to everyone, it is very important to buy a good router as well.

Getting yourself a good router helps you make the most out of your internet connection and lets you surf the internet seamlessly.

ASUS is a global company producing reliable and robust tech products and offers a wide range of routers to pick from. In this post, we shall be comparing the Asus RT-AC68P, RT-AC68U, and RT-AC68R.

While Asus does provide many options to pick from, the technical specifications often leave people confused.

On top of this, as all three come from the same company, it makes it a little more challenging to pick the most suitable router.

This post helps you decide which one is the best one for you among all the three. We shall begin by describing each router individually by decoding all the tech descriptions.

Followed by this, a comparison table for all three routers will give you a much clearer picture.

First off, both these routers comply with the IEEE’s 802.11ac version. Therefore, they have the ‘AC’ linked to their names.

IEEE has various versions like 802.11n, 802.11b/g/n, etc. The 802.11ac version is the latest and the fastest one.

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TP Link Archer C7 Vs C8 Vs C9

Archer c7 vs c8 vs c9

The Internet has become universal. A record number of people are now using the Internet on a daily basis.

From businesses to homes, everyone needs internet. While many require an internet connection for business and work purpose, many also use it for mobile internet usage.

Either way, in days of rapid internet usage, it’s essential to have a good router. Without the right router, your internet connection is limited and patchy.

As a matter of fact, internet speeds have increased drastically when compared to the past few years.

So it’s important that you have a compatible and an updated router for making the most out of your internet connection.

There are various routers available today. Their technical specifications are jargon most don’t follow.

TP-Link is one of the most reliable tech company that manufactures routers. Also, most people like buying these routers as it is widely known they are the best for high-quality wireless connections.

While offering all the modern features, these routers are relatively inexpensive when compared to other routers from leading manufacturers.

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Netgear R6400 Vs R6700 Vs R7000

Netgear R7000 router

So, you’re looking for a router but the only things you’re sure about is that you want a Netgear router and aren’t looking to break the bank.

With the names being so similar it can be hard to distinguish the real differences between routers, especially if you don’t know your AC from your N or what 1750 and 1900 mean.

Don’t worry reader because we’ve got you covered with this handy comparison between three Netgear routers: the R6400, R6700, and R7000.

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